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Stratford Jazz, Warwickshire, West Midlands


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Wed 12th Nov, 8pm
Bryan Corbett Quartet. £12 entrance. Tickets £10 on line
Bryan Corbett (t) Al Gurr (p) Ben Markland (b) Neil Bullock (d)

Tickets selling well and fast for Corbett gig.
Be sure to get yours and come early for a good seat

Bryan Corbett
Bryan Corbett

Buy tickets on line for: Bryan Corbett Quartet

Bryan Corbett Quartet


Wed 26th Nov, 8pm
Simon Spillett’s ‘STANDARD MILES’. £15 entrance. Tickets £13 on line
Simon Spillett (s) Henry Lowther (t) John Critinson (p) Dave Green (b) Trevor Tomkins (d)

Tickets selling well and fast for Spillett gig.
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Standard Miles

Buy tickets on line for: 'Standard Miles' - Miles Davis Tribute

TUESDAY 2nd Dec, 8pm - Note Tuesday evening!
INTERPLAY QUINTET. £10 entrance. Tickets £10 on line
Adrian Litvinoff (b) Alan Wakeman (reeds) Richard Baker (tb) Richard Hughes (p)
Dave Ballen (d)

Interplay Quintet

Interplay brings together five very diverse musical lives, all rooted in the ethos of jazz and all of whom have worked with many well-known artists over the years. Founded by Adrian Litvinoff in 2007 in Leamington Spa Warwickshire, the band comprises an unusual range of musical understanding and experience, inspired by many jazz and many other cultural influences.

Buy tickets on line for: Interpaly Quintet

Wed 10 Dec, 8pm,
John Etheridge/Chris Garrick duo. £15 entrance. Tickets £13 on line
John Etheridge (g) Chris Garrick (v)

John Etheridge
John Etheridge

Buy tickets on line for: John Etheridge/Chris Garrick duo
Wed 7th Jan 2015, 8pm
Alan Barnes/Bruce Adams front Tom Hill trio. £15 entrance. Tickets £13 on line
Alan Barnes (s) Bruce Adams (t) Tom Hill (b) Paul Sawtell (p) Neil Bullock (d)

Alan Barnes/Bruce Adams front the Tom Hill Trio
Alan Barnes (s) Bruce Adams (t)

Buy tickets on line for: Alan Barnes/Bruce Adams & Tom Hill trio

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26 June 2014

The presentation of wine and flowers to Mary and I after the organ trio concert took us completely by surprise and I would like to thank you all, not only for the gifts, but for the wonderful support you have given me over the years.

As announced at the concert we have a full programme up to 7th January 2015 and after that date I will be relinquishing my duties regarding bookings etc with Stratford Jazz.

From September the management at No.1 will take on the running of Stratford Jazz and I will be on hand until January to assist with various matters including emceeing, reviews etc.

What happens after January 2015 is not clear at this stage. That’s normal for Stratford Jazz! It’s been like that since 1986 and we are still here after 28 years of amazing jazz and well over one thousand gigs.

Future plans are complicated by the fact that we have been unable to find someone to replace me. Finding a replacement could prove vital to the future of Stratford Jazz as No.1 management will rely heavily on the jazz input we should provide.

During the summer break I will be meeting with interested parties to see if a solution can be found. In the meantime if you have any views on how we should proceed in the future do not hesitate to make contact.

After a happy fifteen years connection with Stratford Jazz nothing would delight me more than to see live jazz thriving at No.1 over many more years to come.

Many thanks again.



** News from No.1 Shakespeare Street **
Great food menu now available

Tapas-Burgers-Salad Menu until 8:30pm

Stratford Jazz, Warwickshire, West Midands

Alan Barnes, Brian Corbett & Tom Hill Trio
at Stratford Jazz,
See write-up

Stratford, Warwickshire, West Midlands

Stratford Jazz - Review

By Roy Stevens, 23/10/2014


A stunning debut appearance on Wednesday evening when the Robert Castelli Boom Quartet took centre stage for Stratford Jazz at No.1, Shakespeare Street with an accomplished programme combining jazz, funk and rock played in a thoroughly accessible manner.

Of Italian extraction but now based in New York and Vienna, drummer Robert Castelli is the son, grandson and nephew of drummers and his albums as a leader and composer/arranger have received critical acclaim in the US, UK and Europe.

Robert Castelli
Robert Castell

Saxophonist Greg Heath is originally from Auckland, New Zealand but has been resident in the UK since 1989, building up a sterling reputation with the likes of Jim Mullen and John Etheridge and leading his own successful quartet.

Nick Kacal on bass is originally from Trinidad and is probably best known as the leader of Guerilla Sound, a very polished trio in the ground-breaking jazz/funk/rock mould. He also has featured many times with Greg Heath’s quartet.

Swiss born Nic Meier on guitars completes this international outfit and needs no introduction to Stratford Jazz fans having appeared at No.1 on several occasions with his own bands.

Many drummer/band leaders I have seen tend to hog centre stage and the drum techniques become quite repetitive. This is not the case with Robert Castelli he gives his fellow musicians plenty of freedom for improvisation, content to serve the groove and provide a solid platform for some excellent solos. For a drummer of his class he is perhaps the least demonstrative I have seen. This freedom extended to allowing each musician to perform their own compositions, not only confirming what fine tunesmiths they all are, but resulting in a heady mixture of Eastern, African, Latin all seamlessly fitting in with the groovy jazz/funk mode.

Dancing in the aisles would certainly have been on the agenda but the capacity audience did not provide enough space. Sheer enjoyment for everyone present including band and audience alike -  proof that intelligent and exciting jazz can be really good fun.

On Wednesday, 12th November, Stratford Jazz at No.1 presents local maestro Bryan Corbett with his quartet. Bryan is a great favourite with Stratford Jazz fans and a full house is anticipated.

For more information on this and future concerts visit – you will also see details on how to save money by booking online.

ROY STEVENS/ 23/10/2014.  



Genre-bending Mercury Prize winners Roller Trio, who have emerged from the dynamic Leeds jazz scene made their debut appearance for Stratford Jazz at No.1, Shakespeare Street last Wednesday evening. All three Rollers, still in their twenties, are products of the influential Leeds College of Music which habitually turns out immensely talented jazz musicians.

James Mainwaring on tenor-saxophone and electronics, Luke Wynter on guitar and electronics with Luke Reddin-Williams on drums seem destined to continue the formidable Leeds tradition as their reputation throughout the UK and the rest of Europe gains momentum.

Roller Trio
Roller Trio

Gilles Peterson has already labelled Roller “the new sound of UK jazz” yet there were members of the Stratford audience that questioned whether it was jazz at all. What was not in dispute was the fact that on stage were three extremely skilful musicians who earnestly believe in what they are doing and are prepared to push the boundaries to the limits. With their interest in what is happening outside of improvised music and their feel for popular culture I believe that this trio will continue as an important influence on the contemporary jazz scene – the hip hop grooves and the funky/rock sounds should certainly appeal to the younger element, a market that jazz promoters need to exploit.

Apparently Roller Trio build their material from the ground up, recording group improvisations and “developing the bits we like”, it’s an organic process they describe as “on the fly method”. It is a novel approach that certainly gives the music a spontaneous urgency and the tunes, with their catchy rock hooks intermixed with jazz finesse, are quite accessible.

The sounds from James Mainwaring’s saxophone range from squealings and raucous split-notes reminiscent of John Zorn to a full and melodic romantic tone which nobody could describe as mawkish. When his sax was riffing with Luke Wynter’s guitar in ska-punk mode the excitement became very intense and then invariably led to extended solos played out in free jazz idiom. All this superbly supported by the polished percussion of Luke Reddin-Williams who effortlessly combines intricate modern jazz swatches with the hard rock/funk.

This is a hard-hitting and imaginative trio who work hard at their craft and thoroughly deserve the accolades they have received. However, I view their performance as work in progress – I cannot wait to hear what they are about in say three years time.

On Wednesday, 22nd October, Stratford Jazz at No.1 presents the Robert Castelli Boom Quartet. New York/Vienna based drummer brings his star-studded quartet for a debut appearance in Stratford – featuring Nic Meier on guitar, Greg Heath on saxophones and Nic Kacal on base. For more information on this and future concerts visit You will also receive details on how you can save money by booking online.

Roy Stevens – 09/10/2014



It is not often that Stratford Jazz presents an evening devoted to blues music but when it does it goes for the best. This was evident last Wednesday evening when Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion visited No.1 Shakespeare Street and enthralled the audience with its unique interpretation of how blues should sound.

Vocalist Zoe Schwarz is a relative newcomer to the blues but it certainly does not show as her breathtaking range and emotive voice are ideally suited. She leads this tight knit combo with supreme confidence and has clearly found her niche.

Co-leader of the band is guitarist Rob Koral a musician whose career is steeped in the blues tradition. He has performed with the likes of Jim Mullen, Django Bates, Bill Bruford and has appeared on TV in The Old Grey Whistle Test. He is also a prolific composer and much of his and Zoe’s compositions were featured during the evening.

Pete Whittaker on Hammond organ has built up quite a reputation on his instrument since being inspired by the classic 1960s jazz recordings of Jimmy Smith and Jack McDuff. After some years touring the western world with various rock bands he has now become involved with several jazz projects involving guitarist Nigel Price’s Organ Trio, Theo Travis’s Double Talk and John Etheridge’s Blue Spirits.

Completing this excellent foursome is drummer Paul Robinson, he has never looked back since being handed the drum seat at Ronnie Scotts in 1984. This started with 9 days of backing the legendary Nina Simone at the venue followed by an association with her which lasted some 19 years.

The band has released two critically acclaimed albums, The Blues Don’t Scare Me and Good Times, mainly featuring original tunes penned by Zoe and Rob, and songs from these albums provided the backbone for the evening. However we were also treated to three songs from the forthcoming album Exposed which displayed further signs that this band will have another success on its hands.

In an evening of predominately rocky/blues music there were two quite poignant moments. Firstly, a raunchy interpretation of Anthony Newley’s Feeling Good a song that Nina Simone made her own, and here was her percussionist for 19 years still going strong. Secondly, an evocative tribute to Billie Holiday when Zoe and Rob combined superbly on Billie’s Blues – Zoe certainly did justice to her idols.
Next Wednesday (8th October) Stratford Jazz at No.1 presents the Roller Trio, winners of the prestigious Mercury Price Album of the Year 2012 – this youthful trio has come from nowhere to become one of the most in demand combos on the European jazz scene.
For more information on this and future concerts visit You will also receive details on how you can save money by booking online.

Roy Stevens: 25/09/2014


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Stratford Jazz, Warwickshire, West Midands

Stratford Jazz, Warwickshire, West Midands

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